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Edwin Wilsey '04 Professor Emeritus of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)
Princeton University


Research interests include

          fluid mechanics, plasmas, chemical kinetics, Lagrangian dynamics, nonlinear control theory,

          and singular perturbation methodologies.


·         Email address:

·         Office phone: 609-258-5133

·         Departmental fax phone: 609-258-6109

·         Regular mail address:

D302-D Engineering Quad
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544


Member, National Academy of Engineering, 2006.

Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1996.

Princeton University Engineering Council Teaching Award, 1993.

Senior National Science Foundation Post Doctoral Fellow, 1966-1967.


Selected Publications


·         Continuum Theory of Electrostatic Probes, (paper, C. H. Su and S. H. Lam), 1963.

·         A General Theory for the Flow of Weakly Ionized Gases (paper, Citation Classic, 1983) 1964.

·         Unified Theory for the Langmuir Probe in a Collisionless Plasma, (paper), 1965.

·         Principles of Fluid Mechanics, Li and Lam, Addison Wesley, 1966. (book, downloadable)

·         An Analytical Theory of Vibrational Relaxation for Anharmonic Molecules Under Strongly Pumped Conditions (paper) 1977.

·         Singular Perturbation Problems with Nearly Resonant Operators (paper) 1977.

·         An Analytical Model of Thermionic Discharges, (paper, J. L. Lawless and S. H. Lam), 1985.

·         Conventional Asymptotics and Computational Singular Perturbation for Simplified Kinetics Modeling (abstract and paper) 1991.

·         On the RNG Theory of Turbulence (abstract and paper) 1992.

·         A Study of Homogeneous Methanol Oxidation Kinetics Using CSP, (paper), Goussis and Lam, 1992.

·         Using CSP to Understand Complex Chemical Kinetics (abstract and paper) 1993.

·         The CSP Method for Simplifying Kinetics (abstract and paper), Lam and Goussis, 1994.

·         Eigenfunctions of Linearized Unsteady Boundary Layer Equations (abstract and paper) 1994.

·         Reduced Chemistry Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis (abstract and paper) 1995.

·         On Lagrangian Dynamics and Its Control Formulation (abstract and paper) 1998.

·         A Robust Universal Controller (abstract and paper) 1997.

·         Quasi-Steady Approximation and Adaptive Nonlinear Control (abstract and paper) 1998.

·         A New Approach to Adaptive Nonlinear Controls (abstract and paper) 1998

·         Universal Control Law and Rate Feedbacks (abstract and paper) 1999.

·         A Robust Controller for Scalar, Autonomous Optimal Control Problems (abstract and paper) 1999.

·         Control of Nonlinear Systems with Delays and Hysteresis (abstract and paper) 1999.

·         Noise Tolerance of the Universal Dynamic Controller (abstract and paper) 2000.

·         Use of Surrogate Pulse-Response Matrix in the UDCL (abstract and paper). 2001.

·         On Decoupling of Shvab-Zel'dovich Variables in the Presence of Diffusion (abstract and paper), Lam and Bellan,   Combustion and Flame, Vol. 132, No. 4, pp. 691-696, 2003.

·         Multicomponent Diffusion Revisited (abstract and paper), Physics of Fluids, Vol. 18, 073101, July, 2006.

·         Reduced Chemistry-Diffusion Coupling (paper), Combustion Science and Technology, 179  (4), 2007.

·         Good Enough Tools for Global Warming Policy Making (paper, Socolow and Lam), in Energy for the Future, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Series A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, 365, 897-934, 2007.

·         Model Reduction with Special CSP Data, (paper), Combustion and Flame, 2013.

Unpublished works


·         Predicting the Long Term Future of Atmospheric CO2 (abstract and notes) 1998.

·         Policy Options for Global Warming (notes). 2000.

·         Notes on Classical Sonic Boom Theory (notes). 2001.

·         Residence Time of Atmospheric CO2 (essay). 2003.

·         Science and Policy on Global Warming (Powerpoint). 2006.

·         More Inconvenient Truths (essay). 2007.

·         Tools for global warming policymakers (Powerpoint). 2007.

·         The logarithmic response and climate sensitivity of CO2 (paper) 2007.

·         Singular Perturbation with variable fast time scales (paper and powerpoint) 2007.

·         Best Effort Global Warming Trajecotries (notes and Mathematica Demonstration) 2007.

·         Reacting flows and control theory, (notes and powerpoint) 2008.

·         Inconvenient Issues, (notes) 2008.

·         The earth's outward radiation window and equilibrium climate sensitivity (paper; Lam and Royce), 2008.

·         The Earth's equilibrium climate sensitivity and thermal inertia (paper, Royce and Lam), 2010.

·         Efficient implementation of CSP (draft)  2017

Slides and Pictures of Symposium on New Direction,
April 20-21, 2001.

·         1997 Fall     MAE 567 (Plasma notes)

·         1998 Spring MAE 222 Course Web page.

·         1998 Fall     MAE 533 Course Web page.

·         1999 Spring MAE 224 Course Web page.

·         1999 Spring MAE 306 Course Web page.

·         1999 Fall     MAE 305 Course Web page.

·         2003-4 Winter Quarter ME351B Course Webpage, Viscous Flow, Stanford University.

·         2004-5 Winter Quarter ME451C Course Webpage, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Stanford University.